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Social Media Management is the first training we have launched in 2016. And one of the most requested professions worldwide

As Social Media Platforms continue to grow there is an extensive need for businesses to get exposed online and they need a professional to do that. As Social Media Manager you will be helping them to improve their presence in Social Media or presenting them with the advantages they will get by having their business profiles professionally presented in Social Media.

This is a very creative profession and anyone can do it. All it takes to get started is the motivation to learn and implement the knowledges and strategies shared during the training. The desire to work in a challenging profession and working with different businesses worldwide.

By working online as a Freelancer Social Media Manager, you can be your own boss and run your own Digital Agency - hundreds of thousands of people around the world make an extremely comfortable living by freelancing online.

Social Media Manager Training has a Proven Record of more than 1750 trained Social Media Managers trained so far that are offering their services to businesses all around the world.

What you'll learn:

  • Gain in depth knowledge related to social media platforms, marketing tactics, strategies and skills.
  • Set up your own freelance Digital Agency. Set up a shop, set your prices, find clients and learn how to set up each client with their own social media goals, payment options and contract.
  • Identify which social media platforms are best for each client and their social media goals.
  • Efficiently create and curate customized and branded content that gets results by using the best resources available for digital marketers.
  • Create articles to display your services, customized images and videos.
  • Create monthly action plans showing clients in detail how you are achieving their social media goals.
  • This training will cover the management of Social Media platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Google My Business, Youtube Channel.
  • This training is for you even if you have some knowledge about social media and it is recommended to follow the training implementation as it is presented from the coaches.

In Advanced Section of the Training we cover:

  • Why businesses presence on Social Media is important?
  • Why most of the businesses don’t do it by themself their business advertising on social media?
  • Which are the most important social media platforms used by businesses?
  • How to create your Social Media Manager profile and how to promote it.
  • How to turn negotiate
  • How to turn your buyers into long-term contracts
  • How to deal with challenging situations

Working online is very attractive. It offers you the commodity to work on your own terms and conditions, but as well it offers you the financial benefits that local market does not guarantee to you.

Our system of training for Social Media Managers prepares you to offer this service to businesses all over the world. Businesses that are just one click away and waiting for you to approach them.

What is included in the Training Program?

The Program is composed of 13 Modules with more than 40 Lessons in the inside to make sure you get specialized and learn everything you need as a Social Media Manager (SMM).

Our Training Programs are conceived to offer a practical implementation from the attendees.   It includes 20% of theory and 80% of practice that is necessary for you to implement since the Day 1 of training. We love to teach by doing. This is the best for our members to get as professional and knowledgeable possible. We want you to immediately after this 2 months training to have a profession and be a professional Social Media Manager.

Next Steps to Start the Training:

  • Social Media Manager training  can be started immediately Online.
  • After the registration process you will get Personalized access in the Online Marketing Academy Training Platform.
  • You will get direct support inside the platform, through questions in each of the lessons
  • You will get direct support through a closed group in facebook

For more information about the registration process please feel free to contact us!

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