3 Ways To Save Time On Social Media Management

Managing your social media presence in these digital times is not easy. You have to put much effort and creativity to standout and engage with your desired audience.

You don't have to struggle or to get out of the social world.

Try these 3 strategies to make the best out of the digital expansion!

  1. Prepare a detailed schedule and Follow it

A disorderly manner of executing a task can make it seem 5 times bigger and more difficult than it actually is. Timing does matter. Especially in social media management. The easiest way of keeping your posting output regular is to organize a schedule.

It doesn’t need to be too strict and you should definitely leave some room for changes along the way.

Having a plan of action at all times can save you plenty of time in the long run. Just think about it. If there’s nothing too obvious to post about (for example, a major upcoming event that everyone’s talking about), you will have your own itinerary of posts you can simply flip out and fill in the gap!

2. Brand your posts

A social media post typically needs to be short, concise, and more energetic than its long-winded counterparts.

Also, the structures of Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn posts tend to differ substantially. This is where templates come in!

As a social media manager, coming up with a unique template for your social media posts can save your writers a lot of time. Imagine having to think up a new structure every time you sit down to write an announcement or a product pitch.

It is recommended that you can create several templates for announcements, tip posts, sharing someone else’s content (with links included, of course), or commenting a viral event. Also, you can schedule posts according to an order of your choice- one day it’s news, the other day it’s tips and strategies, etc!

3. Get Organized

Creating a separate folder for your posts in your content library will help you find them easier later on. Being able to access your files in real time and reference them quickly can save you a lot of time indeed. More importantly, this can make your social media management effort much more efficient and effective.


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